About Me

I'm a photographer based in Brighton, UK. Being the son of a chef and restaurateur, I've known food and hospitality all my life. 

As a result I like to get deeply involved in the food and people who approach me to work with them. 

I have a simple philosophy: to promote the unique qualities of the food and brands I photograph by providing beautiful images.

I'm a lifelong vegetarian, so food (of all sorts) has always been something beyond simply taste for me: it's about lifestyle, geography, people, ideas, creativity, and beauty. 

My clients include: National Theatre Hospitality, Youjuice Ltd, The Kleen Kitchen, Leith Dining, Glyndebourne, Ilze's Chocolat, plus many other local and national food and hospitality producers and providers.

If you have a project you'd like to discuss then feel free to contact me and we can chat more. 

If you'd like to engage more and find out what I'm up to at the moment, then follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

This website covers the sister (or brother) photography brand to my portraits, people and event brand James Bellorini Photography, which you can check out HERE.  

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